‘Glee’ Stars Speak About Addiction and Other Topics

It is no secret that Glee’s main heartthrob, Cory Monteith, is in recovery for drug and alcohol addiction. Why is he so open about this? Monteith shares that he believes it is important to be open and honest about his journey to recovery because he may be able to help someone else struggling with this same issue to seek help. He states that he hopes his success in dealing with addiction might help others struggling with drug or alcohol abuse by leading through example.

In fact, all the Glee cast members share about their personal growth through insecurities and issues that have made them feel different from other over the years. Lea Michelle discusses her struggle with her looks and pressure as a Hollywood actress to get plastic surgery. Another actor on the show discusses sexuality and his desire to portray the truth of teenage difficulties coming to terms with sexual identity.

It is important that these celebrities continue to share with the world the challenges and obstacles they have and continue to, walk through with dignity. Read further about Monteith’s road to recovery and other cast members’ struggles here.


- image and story via Huffington Post