How Lifetime Recovery Centers of America Works

What can Lifetime Recovery Centers of America do for you?

At Lifetime Recovery Centers of America we understand how overwhelming and anxiety-producing finding the right addiction or alcoholism treatment can be. Our compassionate and caring staff is here to support and guide you through every step. Your privacy and confidentiality are paramount to us as well; we will take every measure to protect them throughout this process.

We can help you to break down this process to make it manageable. The first step is a confidential assessment that will determine whether or not you or your loved one would benefit from residential treatment. At this stage, we will provide options for treatment facilities that best suit your needs.

You may be looking for a program that offers specific treatment such as a medical detox in a hospital setting, or a facility that offers dual diagnosis treatment. You may be in search of the most serene and beautiful setting in order to begin healing from your disease. We will be your advocate from the moment you call us until you walk through the doors to your new life.

  • We will arrange payment options for you or help you get assistance from your insurance company.
  • We will keep the facility you choose apprised of your needs and preferences.
  • We will be available to answer all your questions until the moment you start your treatment and can address you concerns.
  • We can assist you in scheduling your or your loved one’s admittance, including help with flights or travel needs.

Lifetime Recovery Centers of America is here throughout the entire process of helping you or your loved one get help and rebuild a better life.