How to Pay for Addiction Treatment

Lifetime Recovery Centers will help you find a treatment center that fits the needs of your family. Drug rehab and addiction treatment can be paid with private funding or via medical insurance. In finding a treatment center to match your financial needs you could be looking on the internet and calling center after center endlessly. Lifetime Recovery Centers will guide you through the entire process. In fact, we will do most of the work together with you.

Many health insurance plans today offer coverage at some level for the treatment of substance abuse. Intake specialists at Lifetime Recovery Centers are experienced in talking with insurance companies to find out an individual’s benefits and help determine the best choice of treatment to apply those benefits to. In essence, our experience in working with hundreds of families has led us to actually coordinate the coverage with your insurance company. We will act as an advocate on your behalf in getting you the most effective and quality substance abuse treatment through your insurance plan. Understanding that all benefits are dependant upon the acuity (severe nature) of the addiction and that a person’s progress when they are in treatment will determine the length of stay and level of care. These decisions are made between a clinical team and the insurance provider. Once we speak with an insurance provider and have verified all benefits, we will be able to clealy explain what your personal, financial and overall responsibility is.

Unfortunately in today’s economy, there are people without insurance benefits or the inability to pay for a drug or alcohol rehab directly and privately. There are state and county programs that are based on a sliding fee scale – the best place to find these types of programs is

Our Intake Specialists Can Help You Now.

We understand that getting help for yourself or your loved one takes courage and strength. Our center is manned 24 hours a day, 7 day a week to guide you through the process of finding the best treatment available…You never have to do this alone.